Air Cargo (our recommended shipping option during the holidays) is a popular shipping option for fish keepers. Essentially, we ship via the extra unbooked cargo space on passenger airplanes. Transit times are as long as it takes a human to fly from Los Angeles to wherever you are (plus 2 hours at the destination airport to transport packages from the plane to the cargo facility)!

There are pros and cons for this type of shipping.


  • High minimum weights for each cargo (allows us to pack in much larger boxes and add WAY more water and space for the fish.
  • Transit times are always much shorter
  • There are fewer hubs the packages must travel through resulting in a lower chance of mishandled or dropped packages by each hub's personnel. 


  • You must go to the airport to pick up your package.
  • Please note: you don’t actually enter the airport in most cases. There is usually a cargo facility in a commercial building near the airport that the airlines distribute packages out of.

Cargo Facilities

For a list of the local cargo facilities, please use the links below:

How much does Air Cargo cost?

However, for all orders over $100, we will honor our $50 flat rate shipping option!

For all general orders under $100, it will cost $65. 

How do I book my Air Cargo?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the request form!

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