FedEx - Hold at Location

FedEx provides a secure Pick Up option for customers that are concerned with packages being left at their doorstep for an extended period of time or potential porch pirates! 

Please make sure to have proper identification upon pick up! More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

⚠️  Extreme Heat Warnings ⚠️

If you are concerned with high heat temperatures in your local area, this is a great option to ensure your fish are in controlled climate building and not sitting on a truck all day! 

How To: Request for FedEx- Hold at Location

Once you receive a Shipping Confirmation email from us indicating your fish has shipped, this email should contain tracking information. Enter your tracking number on A FedEx Delivery Manager account is not required to request for a Hold at Location. 

Important Note: Request for Hold at Location can take up to 12 hours for FedEx to receive and redirect packages. All changes to delivery should be made the day BEFORE delivery at the latest.

1. One the tracking page, Click Manage Delivery (Figure A). 

Figure A

2. Click "Hold at Location" (Figure B).

This option becomes available once FedEx has checked-in the fish at their facility. If you received shipping confirmation today, the option will become available after 8pm PST of the day the fish leaves our facility. If the option is not available, please call FedEx 1(800) 463-3339. 

3. Follow the next few steps and Choose a Location to hold the fish at. When selecting a location, please be sure to check their operational hours of the day of delivery. Hours of location are subject to change without notice. FedEx office locations are recommended for pickup locations when feasible. 

Figure C

Figure D

Important Information

Picking Up - What do I need to bring to pick up a package at FedEx?

You’ll need a government-issued photo ID that matches the shipping address. If your ID address does not match the package label address, you can use a utility bill, health or auto insurance card, or credit card statement.

When can I pick up packages from FedEx?

You can pick up your package any time after that during normal business hours. Hours vary from location to location. Check the hours of FedEx locations near you.

Who can pick up my FedEx package?

Anyone who lives at the same address as you can pick up your package. They’ll need the tracking number and a government issued photo ID that proves they live at the same address as the one on the package label. They can also use an alternative ID to prove they live with you. They can bring a utility bill or statement, health or auto insurance card, property statement from a county or city website, or credit card statement with them as proof.

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