From our experience, there are always significant delays with shipping during the holidays. We have worked with all the major carriers and have experienced significant delays with all of them. Every holiday season, carrier companies like FedEx and UPS hire many temporary employees to handle the increased volume of packages shipped. This increased volume of packages and number of employees have resulted in delays, lost packages, and other horror stories. Please read this excerpt from our FedEx representative on what they expect for the holidays;

“...we typically move 9-10 million packages/day pre-pandemic, and now are moving close to 17 Million packages/day with a projected additional 30% increase during the holidays. Just to give you an example of the last major holiday, Labor Day Weekend, our Ground Network processed 2.1 Million packages in 2019. In 2020 we processed 9.4 Million packages.”

According to our local FedEx Hub, by mid November, they have already seen a significant increase in packages this year. All this being said, we want to minimize the chances of your fish showing up delayed or DOA due to rough handling from temporary or overworked workers and/or packages just lost in transit! We deal with both every year.

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